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Gull Research Organisation - European gull taxa

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Waarneming (NL) - cachinnans

Waarneming (NL) - michahellis

Netfugl (DK) - cachinnans

Netfugl (DK) - michahellis

Tarsiger (FIN) - cachinnans,paiva%20DESC&species=16150

Tarsiger (FIN) - michahellis,paiva%20DESC&species=16140

Grzegorz Neubauer (PL) - wings of cachinnans and hybrids

1cy michahellis (E) by Hans Larsson

La Gavina - Larus michahellis, Balearics

Visa Rauste - cachinnans (FIN)

Visa Rauste - 1cy michahellis (BG)

Bernsmo/Larsson (S) - Truthjälpen

Peter Adriaens (B)

Kent Olsen (DK)

Chris Gibbins (GB) - Gulls and Birds

Chris Gibbins - "oddities": cachinnans and michahellis at Black Sea Coast, Sept. 2004

Chris Gibbins - "oddities" (parent directory with large pics of 1cy cach/mich)

Steve Arlow (GB)

Ruud Altenburg (NL)

Ies Meulmeester (NL)

Stephan Aubry (CH) - Gulls / Mouettes et Goélands

A. Forsten / A. Lindholm: Lokit/Gulls

Bongarliito (FIN) - Laridae

Visa Rauste - gulls

Hannu Koskinen (FIN) - Gull images

Jörgen Bernsmo (S) - Large Gulls

Norwegian Gull Page (N)

Stormaker (N)

Alain Fosse (F) - ringed fuscus

Grzegorz Neubauer - cachinnans in Russia and Aserbaidschan