strong window; pale tips to inner primaries

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Picture ID: 1220
Upload: 10.01.2012
Photo date: 19 September 2008
Location: dambovita canal, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: michahellis 2cy july-december
Species: larus michahellis

an individual with bicoloured bill, slightly overgrown upper mandible, largely grey mantle and scaps (but not as dark and cold grey as in adults), similarly coloured mc-row and conspicous pale "window" of inner primares. p1 totally pale (cream coloured), p2 pale with a dark shaft streak and slightly darker outer web, p3 with a slight dark mark and clearly darker outer web, all p1-3 having a clear white tip over both webs but not as wide as in 3rd generation primaries! usually 2nd gen. inner primares are not as pale as in this bird but have more or less a 'venetian blind effect' (pale inner, darker outer web).
all primaries replaced in this bird (advanced!) but p10 not yet at full length (just about 90%).