young pair on a roof

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Picture ID: 200
Upload: 15.05.2009
Photo date: 06 May 2009
Location: mamaia
Photographer © lou bertalan
Gallery: michahellis 4-5cy january-june
Species: larus michahellis

this pair used to rest on the same place on all three days during my stay in mamaia. the female (left) looks adult like except for a small dark spot in the tail. it could well be 5cy (but might be 4cy) and has much red on the upper mandible. the male is much more retarded, probably a 4cy, with a dark mark on bill, strongly dark centered tertials and brownish speckled GC and some LC; both have shining yellow legs but not orangey as in full adults. apical spots are abraded but they seem to have been larger in the supposedly 4th summer female. see following pics for more detailed views on each.

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