slower moult pace, round tip of ventral p10 tongue

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Picture ID: 721
Upload: 23.12.2010
Photo date: 24 June 2009
Location: dambovita canal, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: cachinnans adult alternate (january-june)
Species: larus cachinnans

not only is this bird in much better constitution but it has shed only p1, rest of the primaries (p2-10) are old. note dark iris in this bird. both the ragged one from 21.6. and this one still have yellow legs.
note that in these images it appears that the tip of ventral p10 tongue is not the rectangular "cut" we are use to see in caspian gulls but shows a curve similar to p9. first it goes in a more or less straight line diagonally from shaft towards edge, then curves and leaves the "thumbnail like" impression of lower primaries tongue tips.

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