two fresh 1st winters in flight, dorsal view

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Picture ID: 891
Upload: 23.03.2011
Photo date: 01 November 2009
Location: dambovita canal, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: michahellis 1cy
Species: larus michahellis

upper 2 pics first bird: note very strong striation around eye, well marked (dark) underwing with contrasting pattern, tapering tail band with completely white bases to r5 & 6; pale distal part of GC reminding of caspian gull but note that even this part is patternred with a narrow dark subterminal band. all inner wing coverts (LC, MC, GC) are replaced to 2nd gen. ones.
note rel. strong window effect by largely pale inner webs to primaries, at least visible up to p7!

lower pic: a bird with more replaced coverts than the above: most LC and half of MC are 2nd generation.
note strong window in this one too, pale part of inner web to p8 visible here. basal part of rectrices and uppertail coverts with bold black marks in this bird.

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