two colour-ringed 1st cycle michahellis from croatia

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Picture ID: 924
Upload: 01.04.2011
Photo date: 04 October 2010
Location: socodor, arad
Photographer © luca dehelean
Gallery: michahellis 2cy january-june
Species: larus michahellis

...and the only cr recoveries from romania that i know of (underwatched!).

1st bird found dead on 4.10.2010 near the fishponds of socodor, arad county (western romanian plains). found and photographed by luca dehelean.

2nd bird in herastrau park, bucharest, on 21.01.2010. found and photographed by razvan zinica.

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Is the bird dead in the first picture? If so, then that is sad to hear. I love these birds and they should be kept free uk essays, and no one should capture them. Those people who capture these birds dont deserve to live.

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