plain juvenile coverts, winter head striation around eye, pale base to p10

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Picture ID: 926
Upload: 02.04.2011
Photo date: 24 January 2010
Location: tineretului park, bucharest
Photographer © cristian mihai
Gallery: cachinnans 2cy january-june
Species: larus cachinnans, larus michahellis

just discovered this cach that was hiding in the 2cy mich section. on first view it struck me by its pale brown uniform (plain) juvenile coverts.
next i checked it's bill - parallel and possibly male type, therefore a remarkable gonys angle. its coloration is better for cach though: the slightly paler getting base marmouring around the slitlike nostril.
what about head striation? quite pronounced for a cach and especially concentrated around eye, but: fine and pale greyish-brown (not black and coarse as in mich).
a view on underwing reveals a fine pattern, pale axilliaries and a pale base to p10, all perfectly fine for a 1st cycle cachinnans.

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